(Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities


13th ESA Conference, Athens,  29.08.2017 – 01.09.2017
RN13 – Sociology of Families and Intimate Lives

Coordinator: Isabella Crespi, University of Macerata, Italy isabella.crespi(at)unimc.it

Our RN invites submissions of papers on current new findings in family research as well as current new theoretical and methodological approaches to explore families and inti-mate lives. Taking up the conference theme, scholars are especially invited to explore whether and how their family studies relate to aspects of making or unmaking Europe or the causes or consequences related to such processes (e.g. formation of transnational couples, poverty of families, family ties as instruments for compensating social depriva-ion or cutbacks in social benefits, changes in fertility behaviour, re-traditionalisation of gender roles etc.). However, linkage to the main conference theme is not a precondition for submissions. RN13 requires all authors to submit two abstracts: You are asked to submit the standard abstract of 250 words and in addition you are also asked to upload a longer, extended version, that is a second abstract of 500 words. Please outline within your abstract (as appropriate) the research question, theoretical approach, data, methodology, research findings, and interpretation. Please indicate in the beginning of the abstract (like this: “[theme RN13_XX]”) which of the following session themes your submission relates to best.

RN13_a: Sociology of families and intimate lives (General Session) RN13_b: Couple, cohabitations and family forms
RN13_c: Couple formation and marriage markets
RN13_d: Family planning and fertility
RN13_e: Infertility and reproductive technologies
RN13_f: Work-family balance and work-family conflicts
RN13_g: Gender differences and gender relations
RN13_h: Parenting and parent child relations
RN13_i: Motherhood and mothering practices
RN13_j: Fatherhood and fathering practices
RN13_k: Families from children’s perspectives
RN13_l: Family dissolution and post-divorce families
RN13_m: Intergenerational relationships and kinship networks
RN13_n: Older people and elder care
RN13_o: Families in the context of disability and ill-health
RN13_p: Families in the context of economic crisis and poverty RN13_q: Domestic and gender violence in families
RN13_r: Family policies and interventions
RN13_s: Challenges in the legal regulation of family life
RN13_t: Cultural understandings of family
RN13_u: Migrant, multicultural and transnational families
RN13_v: Researching families and the intimate sphere: techniques and method-ologies
RN13_w: Theorising contemporary families



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