INTERFASOL First International Conference: program


 COST-INTERFASOL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Perspectives on Intergenerational Family Solidarity. Challenges and opportunities.
Thursday May, 26th 2016,  Room Pio XI, 9.00 am – 6.00 pm Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Largo Gemelli, 1 – 20123 Milano

The main aim of the action is “to synchronize, integrate and improve European research in the field of intergenerational family solidarity, its benefits in key life domains and the ways in which it can be strengthened across generations”.

Morning Session

9:00 am Welcome address F. Botturi (Vice Rector, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy). E. Scabini (Professor Emeritus of Social Psychology and President of the Family Studies and Research University Centre, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy). A.M. Fontaine (Chair of the Action, Professor at University of Porto, Department of Psychology, Portugal).

09:30 am/10:45 am Keynote speaker F. Perali (Italy): “Family and Generation Friendly Welfare” Chair: C. Regalia (Italy).

——— Coffee Break 10.45-11.15 ———

11.15/12.45 Symposium 1: “New contract between generations” Chair: C. Attias – Donfut (France). Presenters: H. Helve (Finland) – M. T. Letablier (France) – M. Kohli (Italy).

———— Lunch 12:45 am-2:00 pm ————

Afternoon Session 2:00 pm/ 6.00 pm

Chair: D. Ferring (Luxembourg).

Symposium 2: “Active elders: a resource for family solidarity across generations ?” Chair: C. Regalia (Italy) Presenters: A. Zaidi (UK) – B. Isengard/R. König/M.Szydlik (Switzerland) – D. Bramanti/S.G. Meda/G. Rossi (Italy) I. Rooyackers/E.M. Merz/H. de Valk (The Nederlands). Symposium 3: “Family values in intergenerational transmission” Chairs: I. Albert and D. Ferring (Luxembourg). Presenters: B. Mayer (Switzerland) – I. Albert/S. Barros Coimbra/D. Ferring (Luxembourg) – D. Barni/F. Danioni/S. Ranieri/R. Rosnati (Italy). Symposium 4: “Intergenerational Solidarity and Migration” Chair: Trummer U. (Austria). Presenters: D. Balahur/M. P. Munteanu (Romania) A. L. Blaakilde/C. E. Swane/ E. Algreen-Petersen (Denmark) – T. Corrigan (Ireland) – U. Trummer (Austria). 6.00 pm Final Remarks C. Regalia POSTER SESSION The posters will be displayed at 1.00 pm, during the lunch break, and will remain on display for the duration of the entire afternoon session.

REGISTRATION The registration is required, by April 29 indicating the name, last name and home institution. 

INFORMATIONS Family Studies and Research University Centre Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Tel. +39 02 7234 2347 



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