COST Action 1S1311 meeting in Keele, May 12-13, 2015: summary


COST Action 1S1311 – INTERFASOL Meeting in Keele took place on May 12-13, 2015 during the 1st INTERFASOL training School and it was hosted by Clare Holdsworth, Keele University. 34 Participants from 24 countries attended this meeting.

In Keele INTERFASOL participants discussed plans for future meetings and progress of ongoing events.

The next meeting will take place in Madrid, Spain on 6th – 7th October 2015, Esther Martinez Pastor (Spain) presented provisional programs of this meeting. This meeting will include Core Group Meeting, MC Meeting and WG Meetings, will take place at University of Juan Carlos, Mosteles Campus – to be confirmed.

In 2016 INTERFASOL meetings will take place in Milan and Dublin. Camillo Regalia  (Italy) presented plans for meeting in Milan on 23th – 27th May 2016 at Catholic University of Milan. This meeting will include Core Group Meeting, MC Meeting, WG Meetings, TS and the 1st INTERFASOL Congress. STSM 1st and 2nd call participants will make a presentation of their experience and results on the scheduled conference. Trudy Corrigan (Ireland) presented plans for meeting in Dublin on 15th – 16th November 2016, including Core Group Meeting, MC Meeting, WG Meetings. Meetings will take place at Dublin City University.

Short Term Scientific Mission Coordinator Dieter Ferring presented Short Term Scientific Mission procedures, development of the 1st Short Term Scientific Mission and brief approach to the candidate’s work. He pointed out the importance of better diffusing the call’s for the STSMs.

Claudine Attias – Training School Coordinator- presented her report of the progress of the 1st Training School, reviewing the criteria for the selected Trainees and the selected program for the Training School. She described organization of the Trainees in working groups and reviewing the presentations of the Trainees within the Action’s theme. Claudine Attias underlined the importance of the experience of this first Training School for the following ones. Participants on the meeting agreed with her suggestions to publish the Trainees’ presentation on the Action’s website, to send out a Training School Questionnaire. Meeting participants proved the new Training School Coordinator – Willy Lahaye who introduced his vision of future Training Schools.

At the meeting, leaders of Working Groups made presentations on the progress of work.

The scientific section of the meeting in Keele included presentations of academic papers and discussions.  Marjolein Broese van Groenou (VU-University Amsterdam) spoke about “Links between formal and informal care with a focus on intergenerational solidarity”, Thomas Scharf (National University of Ireland, Galway) – “Intergenerational solidarity at macro and micro levels”, Pau Marie-Klose (University of Zaragoza)-  “Intergenerational solidarity before and after the financial crisis”, Pearl Dykstra (Erasmus University Rotterdam) “How laws and policies shape intergenerational family solidarity”.

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