The INTERFASOL final conference, 18-20 April 2018, University of Luxembourg


The INTERFASOL final conference which took place at the University of Luxembourg hosted more than 100 participants, including interested researchers and stakeholders from  Luxembourg as well as international guests from 28 countries. An invited symposium on Old-Age and Social Exclusion brought members from UK, Italy, Ireland and Luxembourg of another COST Action (ROSEnet) and INTERFASOL together. A further symposium on Intergenerational Solidarity and Technology was organised at the pre-conference presenting work carried out by the life-span developmental research unit at the University of Luxembourg, meeting the high interest of INTERFASOL members. Further, 4 symposia with 17 presentations of INTERFASOL members were organised and 4 keynote lectures of internationally renowned scholars from different disciplines in the fields of family and cultural research took place. A round table gave also the opportunity for exchange among stakeholders and academics: 7 stakeholders and policy makers (including the Luxembourg Minister of Family and Integration) from Luxembourg took part in this round table on “Family Solidarity, Ageing and Migration”

See also:

Conference program

Slides of presentations

Video of the round table “Family Solidarity, Ageing & Migration

Video of a keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Howard Litwin (Israel): Intergenerational transfers in Europe: What can we learn from SHARE?,  introduced by Prof. Dr. Claudine Attias-Donfut (France)

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