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INTERFASOL Final Conference, 18-20 April 2018. Programme.

INTERFASOL Final Conference

Event date: Wednesday April 18 2018 10:00 – Friday, 20 April 2018, 14:45
Place: University of Luxembourg, Belval Campus, Maison du Savoir, MSA 3.520
2, avenue de l’Université
4365 Esch-sur-Alzette

From April 19th to 20th 2018, the final conference of the EU funded research network INTERFASOL (ISCH COST Action IS1311) will take place at the University of Luxembourg (Campus Belval).This conference offers a platform for exchange and discussion on intergenerational solidarity in Europe from different perspectives. It will bring together international researchers on family relationships and intergenerational solidarity from various disciplines who will present their work in four symposia:

  • Intergenerational Family Solidarity, Well-Being & Health
  • Nurturing Intergenerational Solidarity & Intergenerational Projects
  • Intergenerational Family Solidarity and Migration
  • Intergenerational Value Transmission & Societal Change

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INTERFASOL meeting in Zagreb

 COST Action IS131,  Intergenerational Family Solidarity across Europe

Venue and date: Ivo Pilar Institute of Social Sciences,  Marulićev trg 19, HR-10000 Zagreb, Tel: +385-1-4886820

 Management Comittee Meeting

Agenda October 6th, 2017

 Morning Session: 11:00 pm – 12:30 pm (for MC representatives)

Welcome to participants

STSM Chair and Coordinator Dieter FerringLoving Memory Tribute

Agenda Approval

  1. INTERFASOL transversal achievement

– Website by Arseniy Svynarenko

– TS by Willy Lahaye

– Designating a New STSM Coordinator


  1. Next INTERFASOL meeting : Porto Conference presentation by Susana Marques


 Afternoon session: 14:00 pm – 17:00 pm

  1. Working group balance : WG1; WG2; WG3; WG4

– Achievement of the WG: How to report?

– Participation in the closing Conference

– Other form for result diffusion

– Planning actions


  1. Conference organization


– Proposal of the CG

– Invited Speakers

– Other suggestion


  1. Future perspective

– INTERFASOL network

– European applications? COST? Other?

– Join publication and Congresses

– Collaborative research projects

Closing session



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Call for Papers: Poverty and the Family

Call for Papers

The Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research (CEPR) of the University of Salzburg is happy to announce the call for papers for its 2018 Salzburg Workshop in Philosophy and Poverty. In 2018, the workshop will be held at the University of Salzburg on 17 & 18 May 2018 and focus on the topic of “Poverty and the Family”.

The invited speaker for this workshop is Jonathan Wolff (Oxford), who will give a talk on “Poverty, Social Expectations, and the Family”.

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Deeply saddened by the news that our friend and colleague Professor Dieter Ferring passed away. Condolences to his family and friends.

With great sadness we received the news of a loss of our dear colleague, Dieter who unexpectedly passed away. In INTERFASOL we had a privilege to work with him, to appreciate his optimism and to be able to count on his experience and his sound advice. Dieter was not only a brilliant scholar in the area of intergenerational family solidarity but also a great colleague, who demonstrated his commitment to our shared project. He never shied away from taking on more responsibilities, and his dynamic personality was evident in many areas. We will miss him a lot in our network, his reliability and companionship, his energy and that combination of optimism and realism which characterized his advice and opinion.

From behalf of Cost Action INTERFASOL, I would like to send our deepest condolences to Dieter’s family, friends, and colleagues.

Professor Anne Marie Fontaine 

Management Committee Chair, COST Action IS1311: Intergenerational Family Solidarity across Europe (INTERFASOL) 


COST INTERFASOL participates in a COST Action symposium ‘Social gerontology without borders? New perspectives from international research’

Prof.Dr. Marjolein Broese van Groenou and COST INTERFASOL participates in a COST Action symposium ‘Social gerontology without borders? New perspectives from international research’ at the 21st IAGG World Gerontology and Geriatrics conference in San Francisco, 23-27 July 2017. This symposium hosts presenters from four COST Actions on ageing.

(1) Integenerational Family Solidarity across Europe (INTERFASOL), involving researchers from 28 nations, responds to societies’ need to develop mechanisms, programmes and policies that foster and nurture solidarity between the generations.

(2) Reflecting evidence concerning the negative consequences of ageism at individual, familial, and societal levels, the Ageism COST Action engages collaborators from 34 nations in drawing on scientific knowledge to challenge the practice of ageism.

(3) Gender and health impacts of policies extending working life in western countries (GENDEREWL) connects researchers from 32 nations in efforts to advance knowledge about the gendered impacts of extended working life on the health and economic well-being of older workers.

(4) Responding to growing risks of social exclusion in later life, Reducing Old-Age Social Exclusion: Collaborations in Research and Policy (ROSEnet) engages researchers and policy-makers from 32 nations in deepening understandings of the complex nature of old-age exclusion.

Image: IAGG2017 twitter

INTERFASOL symposium at the European Congress of Psychology

15th European Congress of Psychology
Psychology Addressing Society’s Greatest Challenges Amsterdam 11-14 July 2017

Symposium EFPA31

Family solidarity in a rapidly changing society – Psychological perspectives

Time: Friday, 14 July, 9:00-10:30

Chair: Dieter Ferring, University of Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Rapid political and social changes in a globalised world characterise the challenges of European societies. The notion of family solidarity is of a high importance in ageing populations that demand increasing investments in health and care provision in many European societies. This symposium – linked to a COST Action on Intergenerational Family Solidarity across Europe (InterFaSol) – highlights family solidarity out of the perspective of different theoretical approaches and offers empirical findings from four European countries. Continue reading INTERFASOL symposium at the European Congress of Psychology

INTERFASOL working group 4 meets in Malta

On March 24, 2017 George(Gino) Pavia, Roberto Giua and Laura Dryjanska, members of the Working Group 4 of the INTERFASOL have met at the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity of Malta. Maria Aurora Fenech , invited by George(Gino) Pavia, has joined the meeting representing both the Ministry and the University of Malta. The participants have discussed the involvement of the Key Stakeholders in their respective countries in the promotion of intergenerational family solidarity, identifying the best ways to obtain audio or video-recorded statements from them. This task is being carried out in full collaboration with Dr.  Marvin Formosa (Department of Gerontology, Faculty for Social Wellbeing, University of Malta), the leading expert in ageing-related issues and consultant of the Ministry of Health for the National Dementia Plan and Strategy of Malta. The INTERFASOL COST Action has made possible this (and many other) projects by giving numerous opportunities to meet and interact to its members, who in turn have further enlarged the network.


INTERFASOL fostering international cooperation between Italy and Malta

Thanks to contacts established during the INTERFASOL meetings, a group of members of the Working Group 4, dedicated to informing key stakeholders, have launched a policy implementation and research oriented cooperation. In particular, Roberto Giua and Laura Dryjanska have visited George (Gino) Pavia and his team from the Active Ageing and Community Care Directorate at the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity. The meeting constituted an occasion to discuss the recently published book entitled “Solidarieta’ Intergenerazionale: Universo Argento” (Italian for “Intergenerational solidarity: Silver Universe”) and the plans to propose another volume on this topic, this time in English.

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COST Interfasol meeting in Dublin, November 15-16, 2016. Program.

COST Action IS1311

Intergenerational Family Solidarity across Europe

Venue and date: Dublin City University, Ireland,  15th November to 16th November

Management Comittee Meeting

Agenda November 16th


 Morning Session: 11:00 pm – 13:00 pm (for MC Representatives)

– Welcome to participants; agenda approval

  1. Information: Achievement of INTERFASOL
  2. Working group balance : achievement, planning actions, collaborative actions

– WG 1 by Isabel Albert

– WG 2 by Beate Schwartz

– WG 3 by Clare Holdsworth

– WG 4 by Dieter Ferring


  1. INTERFASOL transversal achievement

– STSM by Dieter Ferring

– TS by Willy Lahaye

– Website by Arseniy Svynarenko

  1. Next INTERFASOL meeting : Dortmund meeting presentation by Martina Brandt


Afternoon session: 15:00 pm – 17:30 pm

  1. Workshop: Strategic orientation for the two further years

– Publication and Congresses

– Collaborative research projects

Closing session