Working Groups

  • WG1. Relationships between IFS and key life domains
  • WG2. IFS across European countries
  • WG3. Nurturing family solidarity between generations
  • WG4. Informing key stakeholders
Key goals:

– Coordination of meta-analytic reviews on intergenerational family solidarity and key life domains (namely for knowledge gaps identification and to garner support for new knowledge initiatives);

– A comprehensive baseline report of the benefits/impact that can be obtained from family solidarity between different generations to inform academia and key stakeholders;

– Development of research proposals/agendas focusing on research needs/knowledge gaps identified.

  • Isabelle Albert (leader)
  • Willy Lahaye (co-leader)
  • Claudine Attias-Donfut
  • Doina Balahur
  • Mirza Emirhafizovic
  • Vasiliki Gountsidou
  • Tale Hellevik
  • Helena Helve
  • Ljiljana Kaliterna
  • Kairi Kasearu
  • Carol Kelleher
  • Camillo Regalia
  • Carmit Noa Shpigelman
  • Uschi Trummer

External members: Catherine Coppee, Marisa Matias, Irene Bárbara Jouin Monteiro, Francisco Javier Moreno Fuentes.

Key goals:

– Review and comparison of current nationally funded research activities and evidence relating to intergenerational family solidarity across different European countries and beyond;

– A comprehensive baseline report illustrating and  explaining the implications of the wide-scale review and comparison to inform academia and policy;

– Development of research proposals/agendas focusing on research needs/knowledge gaps identified.

  • Beate Schwarz (leader)
  • Susana Marques (co-leader)
  • Pearl Dykstra
  • Andreja Brajsa Zganec
  • Luule Sakkeus
  • Martina Brandt
  • Marton Medgyesi
  • Ausra Maslauskaite
  • Katharina Herlofson
  • Pau Mari-Klose
  • Jonathan Bennett

Key goals:

– A comprehensive baseline report on the benefits of strengthening family solidarity between generations via an international critical review;

– The development of a procedure (e.g., possible pilot project integrated in PhD programmes) that could be implemented in sample countries and provide comparative research results;

– An informed framework for possible applications/practical applications and specific guidelines on the topic.

  • Clare Holdsworth (leader)
  • Cheryl Zlotnick (co-leader)
  • Anne Marie Fontaine
  • Cheryl Zlotnick
  • Anna Costanza Baldry
  • Avydas Virgilijus Matulionis
  • George Pavia
  • Trudy Corrigan
  • Vesna Dolničar
  • Marjolein Broese van Groenou
  • External members:  Susana Coimbra

Key goals:

– An overview of key policy issues, such as what are the authorities, institutions, mechanisms,incentives or regulations that are most effective in securing the benefits of intergenerational family solidarity;

– To bridge the gap between academia and key stakeholders, by creating opportunities/activities for a bilateral dialogue and learning exchange;

– Make the research outcomes of the Action participants accessible and manageable for policy-makers.

  • Anu Siren (leader)
  • Esther Martinez Pastor (co-leader)
  • Kate Hamblin
  • Andreas Hoff
  • Isabelle Pannecoucke
  • Thomas Scharf
  • Maria Joo Baptista
  • Roberto Giua
  • Laura Dryjanska
  • Arseniy Svynarenko
  • Cynthia Degen
  • Hatice Çelebi
  • Nafiye Cigdem Aktekin