Perspectives on Intergenerational Family Solidarity. Challenges and opportunities

COST-Interfasol international conference

Thursday May, 26th 2016
Room Pio XI, 9:00 – 18:00  Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Largo Gemelli, 1 – 20123 Milano

The main aim of the action is “to synchronize, integrate and improve European research in the field of intergenerational family solidarity, its benefits in key life domains and the ways in which it can be strengthened across generations”.

Morning Session

9:00 – Welcome address

F. Botturi (Vice Rector, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy).

E. Scabini (Professor Emeritus of Social Psychology and President of the Family Studies and Research University Centre, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy).

A.M. Fontaine (Chair of the Action, Professor at University of Porto, Department of Psychology, Portugal).

09:30 – 10:45. Keynote speaker F. Perali (Italy): “Family and Generation Friendly Welfare. Chair: C. Regalia (Italy).

Coffee Break 10:45-11:15

11:15-12:45. Symposium 1: “New contract between generations” Chair: C. Attias – Donfut (France). Presenters: H. Helve (Finland) – M. T. Letablier (France) – M. Kohli (Italy).

Lunch 12:45 – 14:00

Afternoon Session 14:00 -18.00

Chair: D. Ferring (Luxembourg).
Symposium 2: “Active elders: a resource for family solidarity across generations ?” Chair: C. Regalia (Italy).

Presenters: A. Zaidi (UK) – B. Isengard/R. König/M.Szydlik (Switzerland) – D. Bramanti/S.G. Meda/G. Rossi (Italy) – I. Rooyackers/E.M. Merz/H. de Valk (The Nederlands).

Symposium 3: “Family values in intergenerational transmission” Chairs: I. Albert and D. Ferring (Luxembourg).

Presenters: B. Mayer (Switzerland) – I. Albert/S. Barros Coimbra/D. Ferring (Luxembourg) – D. Barni/F. Danioni/S. Ranieri/R. Rosnati (Italy).

Symposium 4: “Intergenerational Solidarity and Migration” Chair: Trummer U. (Austria).

Presenters: D. Balahur/M. P. Munteanu (Romania) – A. L. Blaakilde/C. E. Swane/ E. Algreen-Petersen (Denmark) – T. Corrigan (Ireland) – U. Trummer (Austria).

18:00. Final Remarks C. Regalia


The posters will be displayed at 13:00, during the lunch break, and will remain on display for the duration of the entire afternoon session.


The registration is required, by April 29th 2016, sending an email to centro.famiglia (at) indicating the name, last name and home institution.


Family Studies and Research University Centre Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Tel. +39 02 7234 2347

Call for Book Chapter Proposals: Intergenerational Responsibility in the 21st Century

Vernon Press, a small independent publisher committed to excellence in scholarship, invites chapter proposals for a forthcoming collected volume on ‘Intergenerational Responsibility in the 21st Century’ edited by Julia M. Puaschunder (Harvard University and The New School Department of Economics). The main theme is intergenerational equity – the fairness to provide an at least as favorable standard of living as experienced today – and contemporary trends in intergenerational responsibility in the public and private sectors. We welcome contributions to the study of intergenerational equity from across the social sciences, including behavioral sciences, cultural studies, economics, humanities, science and technology, and international development. Contributions offering novel perspectives on intergenerational leadership, documenting alternative approaches and methods for advanced studies or of direct relevance to contemporary debates and implications for public policy are particularly encouraged.

Sample topics

Aging population; Climate change; Complex intertemporal networks; Corporate Social Responsibility; Leadership management; Intergenerational equity; Intergenerational leadership; Intergenerational network design; Intergenerational relations; Intertemporal discounting; Migration; Overindebtedness; Overlapping generations; Pension reform; Policy implications of intergenerational fairness; Social glue; Social network theory / analysis

Chapter proposal guidelines

  • The book chapter should be the product of original research and scholarship. It may reflect an original idea or the application of an existing theory to a new setting.
  • The contribution should be in an area in which writers are experts in courtesy of extensive study, research and/or professional experience. The chapter should be of a sufficiently high academic standard to stand the test of peer review.
  • The chapter should strive to make a contribution to the field, add upon existing research, or fill a market niche. In all cases, it should be of interest to a sufficiently large community of researchers and practitioners to justify publication. Submissions must be original contributions and not under consideration for publication at another outlet at the same time.

Submission procedure

Please send a short book chapter proposal (5 pages maximum) or extended abstract to by May 31, 2016 – preferably including a list of references planned to be covered. After initial assessment, authors will be invited to submit a 5,000-8,000 words chapter by December 15, 2016 for double blind review without containing any reference to the author(s) and in compliance with Vernon Press submission guidelines. Guest editor Julia M. Puaschunder can contacted at:



Abstract / Short Proposal Due: May 31, 2016 à Acceptance Notification: June 20, 2016

à Finalized Full Chapter Due: December 15, 2016

About the publisher

Vernon Press is an independent publisher of scholarly books with a focus on Economics and Sociology. Our mission is to serve the community of academic and professional scholars by providing a visible, quality platform for the dissemination of emergent ideas. We work closely with authors, academic associations, distributors and library information specialists to identify and develop high quality, high impact titles. For more information, visit

Call for Applications: Porto Annual Training School 2016

COST Action IS1311

Intergenerational Family Solidarity across Europe

Call for Applications

Annual Training School 2016

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto, Portugal

4-8 April 2016

Download call as pdf file

Deadline for applications: March 2th 2016. Click to apply online.

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Call for Applications: Milan Annual Training School 2016

COST Action IS1311

Intergenerational Family Solidarity across Europe

Annual Training School 2016

Call for Applications

Catholic University of Milan

23th – 27th May 2016

Download call as pdf file

Deadline for applications:  NOTE, DEADLINE EXTENDED!

New deadline: March 20, 2016

Click to apply online

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Core Group Meeting: Madrid – October 6, 2015

The Core Group Meeting took place in Madrid on October 6, 2015 at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. After the welcome by the Chair (Prof. Anne Marie Fontaine), the Grant Holder representative (Karina Gonçalves) has introduced the issues of the Support for financial matters and Work and Budget Plan management of the annual budget. Then, the members have discussed the Implementation of the Work Plan for the 2nd Grant Period, including the collaboration between WG – Dissemination overview, as well as the types of outcomes and deliverables for the 2nd grant period. Dieter Ferring and Willy Lahaye have presented the STSM and TS experience. The participants have also discussed the next INTERFASOL meetings, as well as other topics, such as the inclusion of new members, diffusion strategies and promotion of shared research projects.

20151006_132420      20151006_133120  20151006_134735


Madrid COST Presentation


EASP Small Group Meeting on New directions in the social psychology of solidarity

Organizers: John Drury, Roberto González, Nick Hopkins, Clifford Stevenson and Hanna Zagefka
May 10-11, 2016, Brighton, UK

Solidarity is fundamental in informal social interaction, social organization, social institutions and social change. But while research has shown the importance of forms of solidarity across a range of topics, solidarity itself has rarely been a focus. The aim of this meeting is to discuss and analyse the different usages of ‘solidarity’ in contemporary social psychology and by doing so achieve some conceptual clarification and research agenda-setting.

An expected outcome of the meeting will be the specification of research questions which would serve to delineate the necessary social psychological conditions and elements that are implied when we talk of ‘solidarity’.

For more info see:

Call for papers: “Intergenerational Family Solidarity and Informal Care”

Symposium on “Intergenerational Family Solidarity and Informal Care”  will be organized at the 24. ISSBD meeting in Vilnius, 10-14 July 2016 (see: . This will be the complement of an already organized symposium on “InterFaSol and Well-being” including four speakers and Willy Lahaye as discussant.

If you are interested, please send a title and abstract (200 words) of a contribution till 1. November, 2015 to Prof. Dieter Ferring dieter.ferring(at)




Geropsych is announcing a special issue on “Ageing and Migration in Europe”

Ageing and migration have become key topics in Europe today, as a large number of first generation immigrants of the 1970s are currently approaching retirement age in many European countries. It is therefore of prime importance to learn more about future plans, specific needs and resources of older migrants and their families.

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